Hi, I am Gillian Marma, and I am doing this project for my 7th grade science fair. In my previous science experiment, I tested to see if the golden ratio of a face is accurate to one’s perspective of beauty. To expand on this project, I will test to see if the golden ratios of celebrities is higher than general people’s headshots  just because they are known to stand out when it comes to attractiveness. Therefore, I still need to get an opinion/rating from several people about the images shown. Each picture will be a headshot of a model, but once in a while (as a control) you will see few celebrities. So, I ask you to not be biased, and to not rate the celebrities by popularity or wealth, but only by how attractive you think they are. The first few questions will ask you about your gender and age but other than that, your answers will be totally anonymous. Lastly, on each question you will see several buttons. They will range from 1-10, and there is also a “skip” button. This “skip” button is used if you’re uncomfortable rating people of your own gender and age. Please DO NOT use this button otherwise, meaning do not select it unless you have to.

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